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Whether Free Web Hosting Is Worth It

Some websites offer free hosting, such as 000webhost. This is not truly free because they place advertisements on your content. This does not directly generate money for you, but it remunerates the company for the cost of the servers, and support.

A potential designer, or developer may select to use a free web hosting provider, for a whole host of reasons. If it only entails text or HTML, it is a really good idea. But almost no website involves only text or HTML, it would usually involve images or files other than mere text.

1. Efficacy of your data. You don’t want your data to be put to unintended uses. When you use a free web hosting service, you can’t have a great degree of confidence in the efficacy of your data on the free web hosting account. So, you may not exactly want to upload your secret drug formula worth millions of dollars on a free web hosting account. It’s not exactly very secure. The data you want to have on the free web hosting account should ideally be that which you don’t care much about, or don’t mind losing. Take a backup.

Whether Free Web Hosting Is Worth It2. Terms of Service are not valid. Since the contract is without consideration, none of the terms of service are valid, and there is no valid contract between you and the provider. You can’t sue for implied warranties, or for loss of service, or for downtime. You don’t get an SLA guarantee or anything of the sort.

3. Not for critical data. You should not use free stuff for storing your critical data. If your website is important, spend money for a web host. Your visitors can very easily see that your web site is hosted on a free hosting provider. It does not set a good impression. You don’t want to put advertisements on your car, to get a discount on the car – do you? It is not exactly the best image to give your clients, when you’re looking to target them to sell your products.

4. E-Commerce data. If your website has ecommerce related data, such as shopping carts or accepting credit cards, you can’t use free web hosting because you need to have SSL certificates, and there are no web hosting providers that will give you a free SSL certificate. Uptime is critical for a provider seeking to sell things online, so you also don’t want to have a website where you sell something online, on a free web hosting provider – because you never know when it can go down. As the terms of service are not valid, you can’t sue the provider for loss of business if your website goes down. So, if your customers wanted to buy your services online and were unable to do so, you cant hold your free web hosting provider liable.

5. Knowing and analyzing web statistics. When you pay for it, you can view statistics of viewing who visits your website, at what time of day they visit the website, and the demographic information. You can see details such as the type of web browsers they use, the age range and various other user demographic information. This can be crucial to target your audience and acquire more customers. For example, if you notice that all of your audience uses Google chrome, you may want to hire someone to make a Google chrome plugin app, to help your users better use your services.

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