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Choosing The Right Web Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting and domain registration company is one of major things to be considered before putting your website online. There are lot of reasons why I say this.

1) What will you do if the company from which you register your domain name, goes away(Many online business come and go away daily.)?

2) What will be your situation if your website is offline when your customers are trying to access it?

3) What if there are no backups done and your website is hacked?

Free Web Hosting

As all of us know, there is nothing free in this world. Then why do we see free web hosting on the internet? Well. Its just a way to bring in more people to the website. People start free web hosting to promote a particular website or community. I am sure a free web hosting provider will not pay a good price to his higher provider. He will pay a very small amount to get a low end reseller hosting or a VPS to get it going.

Cons of Free Hosting:

  • Free Webhost can go away at any time without notice amd all your files will be gone.
  • Free Webhost will not be able to provide hgih uptime for your websites.
  • Free Webhost will not support you all times.
  • Your websites can go down at anytime and your business is at risk.
  • No security for your data.

Paid Web Hosting

In a paid hosting you will be guaranteed with all the above. Your website will not go down without notice. All paid web hosting companies do backups regularly.

Choosing The Right Web HostingYou may think that its better to choose an unlimited space for less price. Again trust me this will not work good. Its a marketing technique and there is nothing unlimited. Imagine the load on the server if they provide unlimited resource.

Domain Registration:

There are a lot of domain registrars including godaddy. But I for myself use Happy Hosting for all our needs. Yes, Happy Hosting is one of the best companies out there. They provide .com registrations for just $8.5. You can check their domain registration details.

Also, they provide web hosting as low as $10 per year. Cool. Isn’t it? Also, your websites will stay up without any issues. Trust me all our websites are hosted with them. We didn’t face any issues with them. It will help you guys as well.

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